Stage 4 Statistics

Statistics (optional):
May I put a quotation here:
If the results disagree with informed opinion, do not admit a simple logical interpretation, and do not show up clearly in a graphical presentation, they are probably wrong. There is no magic about numerical methods, and many ways in which they can break down. They are a valuable aid to the interpretation of data, not sausage machines automatically transforming bodies of numbers into packets of scientific fact.
(by F.H.C. Marriott, cited in Johnson and Wichern)

In general (mainly inference):

Statistical Models and Regression:

Multivariate Analysis:

Bayesian Statistics:
The BUGS Project web resources directs you to many other material.

Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method:

Nonparametric Statistics:

Categorical Data Analysis:

Data Mining:

Time Series:

Further Reading and Reference:

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